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car crashed into their apartment as they were sleeping ... good afternoon everyone i am robert jordan in for steve sanders >>and dom dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... it's an absolutely tragic story friends and family up-and-coming by all morning an absolute disbelief and saddened that the loss of this 14 year-old girl. this is where that car came crashing through the garden apartment just after midnight
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... the brother of the 14 year- old victim said that his younger sister and brother slept on the couch in the living room because the one-bedroom unit is too small for this family of five. he said they had no chance when the car came careening through the living room late last night. >>all i heard was that loud crash i came downstairs ... and i see that car headlights in the living room ... and i know my little brother and sister were down their sleeping ... >>brian thomas said that his 14 year-old sister and 12 year-old brother ended up underneath that vehicle that came barreling through the family's one-bedroom apartment on madison and 19th avenue just after midnight it is reported that the driver of the vehicle had been shot at 19th
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and harrison just before he lost control and crashed into this front of the apartment building >>he was slumped over the wheel and it was noticed that a male passenger fled the vehicle on foot ... the children were rushed to loyola medical center in maywood the 14 year-old girl dominique thomas was pronounced dead the boy is being treated there ... the older brother said that his older sistlittle sister was so excited about beginning high- school >>she played all types of sports basketball volleyball she loved cooking show is just a little 14 year-old girl. >>this girl was turning her life she did not deserve this to happen to her up >>friends and family are setting
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up a makeshift memorial to this 14 year-old >>maywood police said that the driver of the vehicle had not life threatening injuries and that he is cooperating with authorities as he is being treated at the same hospital ... >>is reported there have been multiple shootings in this area there was a homicide here just yesterday apparently a gang war is to blame ... final autopsy results are set for today on the bodies of five people murdered in a rural area southeast of indianapolis. those bodies were discovered sunday into homes in franklin county near the town of laurel police have not said if they're looking for suspects and have not officially identified as rick killed. but family members say
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the victims included a couple, their two adult children, and a friend whose body was found in other home nearby family and neighbors say that there is a lot of drug activity in that area. >>a man in roselle may have died from maybe attack. according to the medical examiner's office 62 year-old bruce madiar was trying to remove a hive from his home in the 500 block of the lane when he was attacked by those bees he died last night and autopsy is scheduled today. >>the man in charge of weeding out waste and inefficiency in chicago city government does come up with some ideas to cut the city's massive budget caps thatdeficit ... frank, and it takes a look at some of those controversial proposals
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>>at 1 percent city income tax could bring an quite a lot of money >>as well as a 1 percent commuter tax on suburbanites working in the city ... and a $5 toll on lake shore drive paid the going in both directions is another idea ... and the cuts include reducing managers and supervisors and city governments and making of city employees working a 40 hour week semele worked 35 hours now ... >>the city could also save $165 million by privatizing certain waste collection ... it's a lot to think about four mayor emanuel as he gets ready to present his city budget he previously said that he is
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against taxing city residents ... but something have to give ... >>ozzie guillen is no longer the manager of the chicago white sox ... he stepped down yesterday with two games left in the season he and the team decided to go their separate ways because they cannot agree on a contract extension he wanted an extension even though his contract did not expire until next year he managed the white sox for eight years and let them to the world series in 2005 he won 678 games and he lost 617 but the white sox have not made the playoffs in the last three seasons and they only won one playoff game since the 2005 championship he insists that leaving the white sox was his decision >>things were accelerated we had no intention of firing him ...
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this was a acquiesce to his desires ... he is now expected to sign a four year $60 million deal with the florida marlins he was their third base coach when they won the world series in 2003. wgn's nancy loo now and joins us live from u.s. cellular field >>the fans are not particularly surprised that there will miss his fiery personality they also say that it would be strange to not see him in the dugout especially tonight. many people seem happy that he is out of here. >>they have to shake things up they have a few good years but it's time to go.
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fans who up and rolling with the punches for a decade are preparing for raising their patientsce after a sizzling run in 2005 the fizzling baseball team will probably bring fans some new changes ... many fans are well informed of the testing relationship between ozzie guillen and the general manager here and for some time they figured one or the other would go ... next at noon: the doctor for
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michael jackson goes on trial but there is drama outside the courtroom before anything begins ... the main person of interest in the disappearance of american student natalee holloway makes a videotaped confession in an international murder case. and it was built right here in chicago but you won't be able to drive this part of my job is teaching my patients how to take insulin. but i've learned a lot from patients who use flexpen. flexpen comes pre-filled with the insulin i take and i can dial the exact dose of insulin i need. i live my life on the go and need an on-the-go insulin. i don't need to carry a cooler with flexpen. novolog is a fast-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes. do not inject novolog if you do not plan to eat within 5 to 10 minutes after injection to avoid low blood sugar. tell your healthcare provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions including if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
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the u.s. house is expected to take action on a disaster relief spending bill thursday. it's a move that also avoid a partial government shutdown. last night the senate passed a bipartisan plan to fund disaster relief and more than $2.6 billion for the next fiscal year. unlike the republican house proposal relief funding would not be tied to spending cuts in other areas.
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the house plan calls for $1.6 billion in cuts to programs designed to spur clean energy innovation. the house and the senate can't approve a compromise bill this week then there could be a partial shoe government shutdown on the fiscal year ends this friday. it appears the supreme court will take up president obama as health care reform law before next year's presidential election. an appeals court in atlanta ruled the law was unconstitutional because it forces everyone to buy health insurance. the obama administration had until yesterday to ask the appeals court to reconsider instead it will take its case directly to the supreme court all of the republican presidential candidates have promised to work to repeal that law. opening statements are underway in day one of the trial of the doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop legend of michael jackson. dr.
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conrad murray already had to dodge accusations as he made his way into the courtroom. some onlookers in the crowd yelled " murderer " as he made his way inside. cnn reports that murray was even lunch debt by a woman as he made his way to the ninth floor of that court house prosecutors are accusing him of playing a role in jackson's overdosed with the powerful anesthetic propofal conrad murray could face up to four years in prison. a video that was just released shows at joran van der sloot confessing to murder ... he is charged with killing stephany flores in peru last year this police interrogation was recorded the following month and it joran van der sloot admits that he strangled her in his hotel room in that confession he said he
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started hitting her after she found a news article on his computer which is believed to be linked to the disappearance of american natalee holloway joran van der sloot was arrested but never charged in connection with natalee holloway is disappearance one of the most important archaeological finds in history will soon be just a mouse click away beginning this week you will be able to examine portions of the dead sea scrolls. kugel and the israel museum are putting five manuscripts from the world's oldest surviving religious texts on line internet users can enlarge the images translate the scrolls into english and search for words or phrases the dead sea scrolls date back more than 2000 years there were first discovered in 1947. coming up will of the next day's
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i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news live from the cme group ... the dow is up almost 300 points at this hour and it looks like the euro mass may be getting cleaned up ... european officials are gearing up for a bailout for the banks and may be greece itself ... many believe that greece will eventually defaults and there is no way out of that problem but it remains to be seen so far ... no definite resolutions for that situation as of yet >>now you can add peanut butter to the list of food that is realizing price hikes ... there
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will be 30 percent hikes by some brands due to the shortage of peanut crop this year ... here in chicago stocks are dowsix housing prices are down 6% is expected to get worse and the fall when the glut of foreclosures hits the market >>and community colleges across the nation are getting millions of dollars in federal grant money for job training to help workers change careers ... here in illinois college of lake county is one of the colleges receiving the some of this grant money helping to get community colleges to train and place
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people in new jobs and different jobs within their communities ... that's a look at business news this afternoon ... the merger involving united and continental airlines runs into some trouble over safety issues ... pilots at united airlines will have to learn most of continental airlines cockpit procedures and checklists by a deadline of this friday. but the union that represents the pilots for united airlines said that the pilots are not receiving enough training, and they do not feel safe with the new flying rules. the union filed a lawsuit yesterday asking a judge to push back that deadline united calls that suit shameful and says that its safety is its highest priority >>this could make your morning
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commute a little bit more bearable ... chicago is no longer a a city with the nation's worst traffic taxes and am researchers report that traffic delays in the windy city dropped slightly last year putting us behind the washington d.c. area ... researchers say that you can thank the sluggish economy because it's causing more people to cut back on driving traffic gridlock still costs chicagoans the most of any drivers in this country 1005 under $68 each year in lost time and wasted fuel ... your morning coffee may do more than give you an energy boost it may also lift your spirits that story is ahead in the medical watch and it may look like an action movie being shot on the national mall the engineers rappel down the washington
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monument the quake damage that they are looking for and we have live jazz music this hour from shawn maxwell and the shawn maxwell quartet
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in washington d.c. engineers are getting to work examining the damage done to the washington monument and last month's earthquake. this morning they scale down the monument taking measurements of the cracks in the mortar that occurred after
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the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit on august 23rd and for the first time we're getting a look inside of that monument on the day that the earthquake struck security video shows tourists scrambling downstairs as debris begins to fall the monument has been closed ever since park service officials said that there damage assessment could be finished by the middle of next month that's when officials hope to announce when the monument will reopen >>in an effort to drum up some cash the u.s. postal service is dropping its longstanding rule that only get people can be honored with postage stamps postal officials said that the old rule limited the number of know where the candidates especially those considered meaningful by young people who might be encouraged to buy stamps the postal service is inviting the public to submit a top 5 list of living individuals and a nominating process that will lead to a new stamp by the middle of next year. many grocery stores across
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united states to getting rid of or reducing their self checkout lines stores like big whyy in the northeast are phasing them out and adding more clerks in order to improve customer service the changes come as a new study shows that only 16 percent of purchases in 2010 were done itself checkout lines in supermarkets that is down from 22% three years ago ... there is a different kind of war going on in france it involves post-it notes and a lot of spare time ... the post-it war's first started in the office of france's computer gaming company ubisoft. they made a space invader on their office window the next day the b n p bank next-door posted a pac-man employees say that making a
12:26 pm
multistory creation may of thousands of post-it notes takes time and military precision ubisoft has embraced the creative designs even if it does take a lawyer for office productivity ... >>those crazy french ... not all management shares that view and the bank that got involved in the first skirmish with ubisoft has now forbidden posted art no matter how artistic but experts expect the post-it are to continue the same people are just finding new ways to communicate ... it may be the ultimate driving machine for the kindergarten set a ford explorer made of lagosego pieces ... that s u b was put together at the chicago assembly plant it is made of 380,000 lego pieces and
12:27 pm
it took about three and a half months to create the plastic explorer was made to spotlight the new partnership between ford and lego land florida theme park ... we have more rain in the
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i'm not sure i want to hear this forecast tom skilling ... we are in day five of this storm system and we will be trading at off for some cool autumn air in another day or so. a 1959
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record for rain fall was broken yesterday in rockford ... we have the october level temperatures. this storm front has just parked over our area the heaviest rains really swamped the north and west suburbs yesterday and we still have showers coming through ... pretty respectable downpours will still be coming but nothing like what we saw yesterday in places like huntley and rockford 4-5 in. with flash flooding near sycamore and
12:31 pm
crystal lake and route 64 was under water at some parts yesterday afternoon ... this is the heaviest rain here since july we will have more rain continuing tomorrow. eight dramatic changes is ahead. this jet stream above us has warmer air flowing through southern canada than here ... but that break in the jet stream will take all of this mess away
12:32 pm
from us ... it will usher in cooler temperatures by friday and saturday we can't get above 57 degrees ... here's the forecast for the morning rush hour tomorrow there will be some showers the heaviest rain occupies the northeastern dekalb county and mchenry and those other northwest county isies.. here are the rain fall
12:33 pm
accumulations in those northern suburbs here is the view from the city ... it has also been windy gusts top 35 m.p.h. and parts of the city ... this storm is stolieslowly spinning itself out 56 degrees at o'hare at the moment.
12:34 pm
tomorrow evening showers will still circulate to the area and then in comes the cold front it barrels through with a few showers on thursday the wind will run down the length of lake michigan and feed rainshowers into chicago friday friday night and saturday even as those western suburbs clear out to get some frost over the weekend ... some areas will get another inch of rain at the beginning of this weekend and looking at the temperatures ... it is warmer to the north of us in saskatchewan and ontario than it is here in
12:35 pm
chicago but that will change ... the wind in the city is relatively common right now but there will be gusts occurring the daytime high is nine degrees below normal it's more likely it october. the high-temperature today 62 degrees is a 40 percent chance that a thunderstorm popping up somewhere in the metropolitan area tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with morning fog and
12:36 pm
drizzle and sporadic rains throughout the day with the high temperatures 67 degrees. it will be 57 friday and saturday it's time now for today's trivia which officer in the u.s. army is nicknamed a full bird
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and he is most likely headed to florida the white sox agreed to release him after they declined to extend his contract. ozzie guillen spent eight years as the white sox manager with the third most wins in team history. he won a world series in 2005 but they missed the playoffs the last three years the white sox will reportedly receive two players from the marlins as compensation for taking ozzie guillen and the deal could be made official as soon as tomorrow. >>you can walk through the ball park my pictures will be there i appreciate the white sox organization letting me do what i love to do ... >>and anytime you win a world series with a manager he is special he will be missed especially in the media we don't know what you guys will do without him ... >>we have had ample time to
12:40 pm
build a short list of a few select candidates and we think we can act swiftly ... >>ozzie guillen managed his final game against the toronto blue jays last night scoreless in the second inning until tyler flour's had a three run home run to left field the white sox held on to win 4-3 and ozzie guillen waved goodbye to cellular field >>the cubs began their final series of the year in san diego no score in the sixth inning when will double hit a solo home run off of casey colman the cubs only managed 2 hits and lost to the san diego padres 2-0 that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is
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next >>good afternoon here are the midday winning numbers ... the winning kick three numbers are: 0 7 9 the winning pick four numbers are: 1 0 0 1
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in medical watch ... it drinking coffee may help one of depressionward off depression. a new study in the archives of internal medicine finds that women who drank two or 3 c. of calf unaided coffee each day with 15 percent likely to develop depression over the next 10 years. the risk of depression was 20% lower for women who drank four or more cups a day.
12:45 pm
there was no difference in depression rates for women who drink decaffeinated coffee the findings do not show that coffee directly prevents depression but there was an association between coffee and mode earlier studies have found similar effects. being a father may be stressful but it has its perks new research shows that fathers are less likely to die of heart disease than men who ever had children the study by the aarp was the largest ever done on male fertility involving nearly 138,000 men researchers say that marriage friends and even a dog can lower the chance of heart problems and even children can give you a reason to take better care of yourself experts also say that it takes good genes to have a child not being able to can lead to heart trouble down the road the study is published on line by the journal and human reproduction >>not enough vitamin b 12 could affect your memory and a study in the journal neurology finds
12:46 pm
that b 12 deficiency is associated with memory and thinking problems as well as brain shrinkage research suggests that b 12 this necessary for the insulating layer around nurse in the brain when that she this damage impulses transmitted along nerve cells can slow down vitamin b 12 this found meet fish shellfish and dairy products and some seriouscereals are fortified with b 12 >>chicago's own grammy and academy award winning actress teamed up with watchers to open the jennifer hudson weight watchers center on east 47th street mayor rahm emanuel helped with the ribbon cutting ceremony she is a spokeswoman for weight watchers she lost more than 8 lbs. using the company's poin i habe a cohd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ]
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and help stop further joint damage with humira. the new book " the hour that matters most is surprising power of the family meal ... >>is all about how to bring the family back to the dinner table ... welcome stephanie there are some many reasons and excuses we can't get this done ... >>well that's why we wrote the book this is a how-to manual of how to make that dinnertime successful. we have some tips and tools that
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are download-able at our website >>we fill that book with tips and advice especially for the kids and had to anchor them for the family time they need >>and you encourage people to make it fun.
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this is a quick foil packet- dish whose ingredients can be combined and wrapped up to date in the ovenbake in the oven
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and you can make dinner portable. we talk about this concept of getting people together around the dinner table it's amazing what you can learn during a family dinner it's not possible five or seven nights each week ... don't be yourself up at home 30 percent of americans have quit eating dinner at home at all ... just tried to make as many
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nights happen as possible. you also have recipes in your book as well as the tips ... my favorite is to make the last one at the table the server! >>you can beat stephanie allen tonight at a book signing at dream dinners chicago at 2124 west belmont that's from 530 until 7:30 p.m. or you can go to the website the hour that
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answer is colonel because he wears the insignia of a silver eagle on his uniform ... >>here is what's going on around the area now ... you would think we are on the verge of november it is cool out there today in the '50s with a period of calm happening in the southern suburbs. this city is right in the center of the storm ... it will be drifting off to the east we will get strong winds flocking back in here the lake is wild out there today.
12:57 pm
we will still be under the clouds at 9 in the morning tomorrow there will be a few showers and then a cold front will come through and new clouds will arrive on friday and saturday when we can have some lake effect rainshowers those north winds are blowing down lake michigan ... we will fall back to the '50s again tonight ... we have cool air sitting over us that will exit but it will bring the coolest weather but the warm air will set up for next week lets hope this works out the war mayor seems pretty resilient for next week's arrival ... we will have called their coming and very windy
12:58 pm
friday and saturday 67 degrees more of the showers today damp and cool little bit more bluster is the day continues as well as tonight 67 thursday with a shower 57 on friday with scattered showers near the lake with the sun inland and a nighttime frost away from the wait for a night and saturday night ... it's looking pretty nice for monday >>thank you for joining us today we leave you more from shawn maxwell and the shawn maxwell quartet their new cd is "urban vigilante"/.... there is a
12:59 pm
cd release party this thursday at katerina's on west irving park and also next wednesday october 5th at the jazz showcase on self plymouthsouth plymouth the shawn maxwell quartet ...

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